Meisner Technique Courses

Actor, Miles Carney talking about his experiences studying Meisner Technique with Robert Bellissimo.

Robert introduced me to an aspect of the work I would have never found on my own, and this is only the beginning. The best is yet to be discovered. The path to mastery is filled with discoveries, and with Robert’s lead it’s been an awesome trip.

-Geoffrey Antoine, Actor, “The Hurricane”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “The Listener”

I teach Mixed Level Meisner Technique Classes throughout the year.

The total cost is $140 for four classes, per month.

The classes are open to actors of all levels. From people who don’t have any experience with this approach (or acting in general), to actors who have studied it before.

Students will be paired up with others who are at their level. Students who are more advanced, that I haven’t taught before, will begin with repetition, and once assessed by me will move into a more advanced part of the training, and get paired up with others who’s experience/level is the same as there’s. However, depending on different factors, a more advanced student may stay at repetition, and move forward from there.

The training offered is rooted in the teachings of Sanford Meisner. Meisner simply taught actors what they had to do, which was to really listen, to really respond off of the other person’s behavior, to follow your instincts, to get the other person to really do something, and so on and so forth. His system taught an actor what they needed to learn to work in any medium. It’s also simple, direct, and practicable. There’s no magic to it.

Sanford Meisner taught for 62 years, and constantly changed what he was doing to meet the individual needs of the students, and the changes within the industry.

I studied Meisner’s teachings with various teachers here in Toronto at The New School Of Drama for 2 years, and at The Actors Temple, in London, England for 18 months. Since I have learned from many different teachers, and have spent a lot of time teaching myself, I have found that this approach is subjective, and whoever is teaching it, is doing it their own way, from their own subjective understanding of it, while staying committed to the way it builds an actor up, step by step.

The most essential element of teaching Meisner Technique (or any approach) is giving students what they individually need to become actors (or help their acting if they’re already in the industry). The work will make an actor become fearless, committed, and able to adjust to any medium. The technique is a means to an end, and once the skills are conditioned within you, it will be yours for the rest of your life.

If you are a beginner to Meisner Technique, the course for you at the early stage will focus on how to identify, listen and respond emotionally from a subjected point of view off of your acting partner’s behavior, using a version of Sanford Meisner’s first exercise, “Repetition”.

Here’s a glimpse of how repetition begins:

You will begin to step into who you truly are, and get to know yourself by following your spontaneous impulses. The more you know of yourself, the more you can bring to a role. It is challenging, emotional, and a real workout in vulnerability. You will begin to live spontaneously off of the other person with your defenses down. It will be a safe, nurturing and supportive place to also discover what gets in your way of being spontaneous, and how to tackle those issues within yourself.

Time is also spent on the different challenges actor’s face, such as auditioning, the business of acting, what to expect on a set or in a rehearsal for a play, and to constantly remind actor’s that acting is DOING! That’s our job. To show up and pursue the goal of the character. It’s no different then an athlete trying to score a goal to win the game.

The full training to learn the entire technique takes up to two years. You can continue training with me month to month in the mixed level classes, once a week. You only have to commit monthly. I know that actor’s need to be available at a drop of a hat, so the courses are flexible, and will be set up so you can come and go if need be. However, this is on a case by case basis depending on the students progress.

The next Mixed-Level Meisner Technique course is:

April 14th, 28th, May 5th, 12th, from 6pm-10pm. Sunday evenings.

To register, please e-mail

or call 647-608-4815.

Actor’s who are interested in the class are welcome to audit my current Mixed-Leveled class on Sunday evenings. Please e-mail me if you want to attend. Auditing is FREE of charge.

All classes are at the Chez BonBon Space. The address is:

234 Queen St.East
Toronto, Ontario,
M5A 1S3

Once you’ve registered and committed to a course, their are NO REFUNDS.

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More information about the teacher, Robert Bellissimo, can be found at the links below, including my acting resume, head shots, demo-reel and more information about my experiences working in Film, Television and Theatre.


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